Compliance Approvals for a New Chart Review Project

Step 1 - Create a new IRB Protocol

To open a new IRB Protocol, browse to and click the "Create Protocol" button.

If the intent of the protocol is broader than merely chart review, e.g., you also plan to collect tissue, you may want to open an expedited medical protocol.  But if your project scope is limited to chart review, you should select "Chart Review" from the list of options presented after you click the "Create Protocol" button.

If you are at all unsure about which type of protocol to request, contact the IRB using the contact information listed at

Step 2- Complete the Data Privacy Attestation

In your newly created IRB Protocol, when you click on the tab "Protocol Information" on the left hand side, note that numbered boxes then appear across the top of the page. These boxes are used to navigate between each page since, unlike other sections, the "Protocol Information" section itself has multiple pages. When you reach the "Confidentiality Protections" section you can continue this walk-through at Step 2 of our step by step instructions here.