Data for Hospital Operations or Quality Improvement Projects

Normally, if the intent of your project is clinical operations improvement or clinical quality improvement, you should get your data from the clinical reporting team at the associated hospital.

However, in some cases, the clinical reporting team requests the university's involvement. This typically happens when the project is in a grey area spanning quality improvement and research.

When asked by your hospital’s clinical reporting team to supply you with data, we are happy to do so. But the request must come to us from the appropriate Operations/Quality program leadership at the hospital. We are not in a position to accept an investigator’s assertion that the project does not constitute research, so we look to either the IRB or the appropriate Hospital's decision-makers to make the determination.

Once we receive an official request from the QI or Operations department of either SHC or LPCH/SCH to supply you with data for a quality or operations improvement project, there is one more step you must take:

Complete the Data Privacy Attestation

Before we can supply you with any data in support of clinical quality or operational improvement you need to agree to a set of obligations regarding data privacy and security.

Starting a QI Project Request with Stanford Health Care

The IT Service Catalog is available at

Alternatively, you can go through the “Connect To” on the SHC Connect webpage:

  1. Click “Connect To”
  2. Select “IT Services”
  3. On the left hand side of the Information Technology Services page select “SELF SERVICE PORTAL”

This will take you to the IT Service Catalog.

Submitting a new Report Request

  1. Select “Request Services” from the IT Service Catalog
  2. Select “Reporting Services Request"
  3. Fill out the form with information about your request.

Starting a QI Project Request with Stanford Children's Health

To launch a new QI project with the LPCH Stanford Center for Quality & Clinical Effectiveness, please e-mail the Analytics & Clinical Effectiveness team at