Team Science

All members of the research team must complete their own Data Privacy Attestation (DPA). Once an IRB has an associated primary DPA only the person who signed that DPA can use it to obtain clinical data with STARR Tools. All other members of the team need to complete an add-on DPA before they too can use STARR Tools.

How to Add Yourself to an Existing IRB

In order to review clinical charts online for research purposes, every person conducting chart review must attest to their understanding of the applicable data privacy policies.

There are two ways to add yourself onto the primary Data Privacy Attestation (DPA) that is associated with the IRB protocol or determination covering the chart review activity.

  1. Ask your PI to email you the link from their Data Privacy dashboard. When you receive the email, click through the link to reach the Data Privacy Obligations Attestation with the correct IRB/DPA number pre-populated.

  2. Ask your PI for the number of the IRB or primary DPA, and complete the Data Privacy Obligations Attestation, supplying the correct IRB number or DPA number as the answer to the first question

The purpose of this form is to formally notify you of your obligations with regards to data privacy and confidentiality. Please read each statement of obligation carefully and bear them in mind when working with clinical data for research purposes.


Fill in or verify your IRB or DPA number, then click "Next Page." Read each statement carefully and check the associated checkbox, then sign the form by writing your full name into the space provided and submit.  As soon as you have checked all of the "I agree" checkboxes, signed your name and submitted your response to the form, you will be able to use the STARR Chart Review Tool.

No further approvals are required.

How to Share an Existing Chart Review with a Collaborator

There are two requirements to share chart review with a collaborator

  1. A cohort administrator must add the collaborator's SunetID to the chart review. This can be done at time of cohort creation as described in Step 3 of the Self Service Chart Review process, or using the Admin Settings dialog in an existing chart review as described in the Chart Review Users Guide
  2. The collaborator must complete an add-on Data Privacy Attestation as described below in "How to Add Yourself to Existing Chart Review."

If you are experiencing difficulties sharing your chart review with a collaborator, please ensure both steps have been taken by reviewing the settings in the Admin dialog for your chart review. If the user is missing entirely, you need to add them to enable their access. If their name is present but highlighted in red, prompt them to complete an add-on Data Privacy Attestation.