Stanford Electronic Health Records in OMOP

STARR-OMOP is Stanford Electronic Health Record data from its two Hospitals in a Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM). Use OMOP for observational science, population health science, collaborative network studies and reproducible data science.

Standardized Data 

  • Standardized vocabulary 
  • Transparent data transformations 
  • High mapping rate

Improved Data Quality 

  • Passes hundreds of quality checks 
  • Custom mappings to standard ontologies, making the data more usable

Text mining 

  • In addition to EHR structured data, data include clinical notes and flowsheets
  • Stanadardized medical concepts derived from clinical notes using text mining techniques 
  • Negation, experiencer, and history available

Faster Data Science

  • Get pre Insititutional Review Board (IRB) access to data
  • Secure data science platform integrated with data access

Team Science

  • Use phenotypes developed in the broader OMOP community
  • Share code using Jupyter Notebooks

Scalable science

  • Participate in network studies
  • Verify predictive models at other sites

Faster Learning

  • Leverage learning modules developed by the OHDSI community
  • Access to comprehensive gitlab code 
  • Slack channel based user support, hands on training, office hours