Human Brain Organogenesis Program

The HBOP seeks to understand the rules that govern the assembly of the human brain and the molecular mechanisms that lead to neuropsychiatric disease. To achieve this, the laboratory has pioneered and applied neural organoid and assembloid technologies to make discoveries in fundamental and clinical neuroscience. HBOP distributes methodologies, training, and know-how to researchers around the world. 

Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Laboratory (BFNL)

The BFNL specializes in applying genetic and pharmacological techniques in combination with behavioral and mechanistic studies to understand CNS function in health and disease.  The BFNL utilizes a wide range of methods and techniques including rodent behavioral paradigms, surgical procedures, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling, mRNA and protein expression, and various in vitro cell based assays.

Neuroscience Microscopy Servies (NMS)

The NMS provides consulting and access to high resolution, state-of-the-art imaging technologies to everyone. These imaging technologies and services include, standard confocal, two-photon, lightsheet and epifluorescent microscopy, plus advanced super resolution, spatial transcriptomic and multi-photon methods.

Gene Viral Vector Core (GVVC

The GVVC produces and distributes high quality viral vectors to the academic community, and provides high level scientific consultation and guidance to optimize scientific research outcomes.  The GVVC maintains ready-made stocks of over 200 adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors, accelerating the distribution of the latest neurotechnologies to academic labs around the world.  The GVVC also produces custom preparations of AAV, lentivirus (LV), and retrovirus (RV) to meet researchers’ emerging needs.