Services and Training

We offer:

  • Expert consultancy and invite collaboration with researchers and clinicians from any medical and related fields to develop, validate, and implement state-of-the-art assessments. We follow gold standard principles of measurement development and validation and can assist with (i) generating a conceptual model of the disorder/clinical phenomena of interest, (ii) generation and refinement of the item bank, (iii) design of the assessment validation, refinement and norming studies, and (iv) data analysis spanning both psychometric procedures, and including (but not limited to) exploratory and confirmatory latent variable and network analysis factor analytical modeling (e.g., single- and multi-measurement exploratory structural equation and bifactor modeling), classical test theory and item response theory reliability analyses, measurement invariance, single- and multi-construct item response theory analyses, fully-adjusted continuous norming, development of multi-level likelihood ratios, estimation of reliable change indices.


  • Training in described procedures to build the  capacity of the next generation of health scientists to conduct state-of-the-art psychometric and statistical analyses essential for measurement development, refinement, and utilization across clinical and research contexts.