Who We Are

Precise measurement is fundamental to medical science and clinical care. Clinical and policy-related real-world decision-making is based on the evidence that depends on the quality of measures available to clinicians and researchers. Detailed, comprehensive, theoretically based, and rigorously validated assessments are crucial for linking clinical phenomena to specific etiologies, effective screening and diagnosis, treatment selection, tracking the natural and treatment-related symptom progression, and, ultimately, for personalized healthcare.

We are a team of clinically oriented scientists bringing together clinical insights, cutting-edge psychometric procedures, and big data analytics to improve existing and develop novel assessments that can aid screening, diagnostic and treatment selection, and administration processes to ensure timely access to appropriate treatment services, equitable access to clinical care and reduction in overall cost to the individuals and healthcare system. 

What We Do

Host of assessments developed by our team to characterize neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric phenotypes. 

Expert consultancy to researchers and clinicians from any medical and related fields to develop, validate and implement state-of-the-art assessments.

Training to build the  capacity of the next generation of health scientists to conduct cutting edge psychometric and statistical analyses essential for measurement development, refinement and utilization across clinical and research contexts.