SPORR Awards

2023 Winners and Nominees

Please find below winners, honorable mentions, and nominees, as well as their nomination application text (for those who consented sharing it). 


Honorable Mentions:

Nomination text (applications) can be seen here

StanfordMed Pulse covered the event and awardees.

Awards Announced

News: Award nomination deadline extendeed to January 15 -  self-nominate using this form.

As part of SPORR Rewards and Incentives initiative, we aim to raise awareness of rigor and reproducibility (R&R) and reward researchers or staff with up to 3 R&R prizes, each accompanied by an $1,000 unrestricted award, presented during our 1st Annual Colloquium and Help-a-thon on Monday, January 23, 2023

Awards will be given to individuals or collaborative teams who have demonstrated high standards or creative approaches to R&R in research or in R&R education, training, or promotion.

Examples include, but are not restricted to:


  • Improvements or setting of standards in the field regarding design, analysis, or interpretation of findings.
  • Demonstration of innovative design(s) that achieved generalizable, unbiased results (e.g. ensured diversity of participants, included sample size planning).



  • Reporting innovative study methods transparently which led to other(s) using that method, or successfully reproduced or failed to reproduce a study and showcased the reasons behind the lack of reproducibility.
  • Sharing code and data that led to others reproducing the results, or reproduced results of others using their deposited code and data (special considerations will be made for applications that addressed ease of reproducibility and portability between computational systems).
  • Development of software tools to facilitate reproducible research practices in your discipline or the SoM.


R&R education, training, or promotion

  • Creation of R&R (open) textbooks, resources, materials, courses and their curricula.
  • Creation of department guidebooks or statements regarding R&R.
  • Organisation of R&R workshops, talks, or conferences.
  • Creating or fostering R&R communities.
  • Improving design of a study by providing a public review or having their own study protocol externally reviewed and published (e.g. protocol publication or register report approach) with sharing of lessons learned.



Applicants must be members of Stanford Medicine (e.g. students, postdocs, faculty, staff, etc.). Applications from underrepresented groups are encouraged.

Applicants (or at least one team member) must be able to attend the Jan. 23 conference and give a 5-7 min talk about their R&R contribution. With applicants' agreement, we will share presentations (videos or pdfs) on the SPORR website.

Deadline and criteria for evaluation:

The applications will be chosen by a panel of judges from across the University, and entries judged by their ability to demonstrate  high standards or creative approaches to R&R in research, or in R&R education, training, or promotion.

Applications (self-nominations) can be submitted till January 15, and must include:

  • Applicants First and Last Name, ORCID iD
  • DOI or link to publication/preprint or for education, training, or promotion for which the award is sought.
  • Short description (up to 300 words) of contribution to Stanford or global R&R