iPOP: Integrative Personalized Omics Profiling for Obesity and Diabetes Risk in Latino Youth

Combining the serial measures of physical, biological, psychological, behavioral, socio-demographic, and environmental data, in the context of a randomized controlled experiment, will result in the largest and most comprehensively profiled cohort of children to date.

Our Goal

To reduce health disparities by developing and applying omics technologies to inform the development of more effective behavioral, social and environmental interventions to prevent and treat overweight and obesity and diabetes risk in Latino Youth.

Our Strategies

The iPOP for Latino Youth project adds multi-omics profiling to the NHLBI-funded Stanford GOALS study, a randomized trial of a 3-year multilevel, multi-component, multi-setting (MMM) intervention to reduce weight gain among more than 250 7-11 year-old, low-income Latino youth with overweight and obesity.

The three-year MMM intervention included home environment and behavior change activities in the home (helping families change their nutrition, screen time, and physical activity), after school team sports, and involvement of primary care providers.

The iPOP for Latino Youth project adds annual multi-omics profiling to the physical, physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, and environmental data already collected in Stanford GOALS, in the setting of a randomized controlled trial, allowing us to advance the science of precision health in a way that will help directly inform clinical and public health practices and policies.

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