The Laboratory Core brings state-of-the-art technology to studying the role of the different “omes” in the health of underrepresented groups, enabling a better understanding of biology and medicine to alleviate existing health disparities.

Who We Are

The Laboratory Core is a collaboration between the Snyder Lab and the Bustamante Lab that offers a robust infrastructure including equipment, expertise and personnel to help perform state-of-the-art ‘omics tasks.

What We Do

The Laboratory Core performs experiments and analysis, and assists in the dissemination of results and technologies. Part of our work involves collaborating with indigenous communities on best practices for cutting edge biomedical research in a community setting, driven by their own communities’ interests and concerns. The Lab specializes in:

  • Genome-wide association analyses using a genotyping array (DNA) and software designed for diverse populations.
  • High-throughput methods such as Transcriptome (RNA), Methylome, Microbiome and Metabolome experiments including analysis and integration.


An underlying theme in Stanford University’s Department of Genetics is that genetics is not merely a set of tools but a coherent and fruitful way of thinking about biology and medicine.


There are five SPHERE "cores", representing expertise in social disparities research, analytic computing capabilities, laboratory assessment, and community engagement.

Research Initiatives

The three Research Initiatives are the heart of SPHERE's work.


SPHERE brings together investigators from across the School of Medicine to address fundamental questions about health and disease among minority populations.