The SPHERE Cores represent a variety of scientific and medical disciplines working together to improve health disparities in minority populations through precision health.

Who We Are

The five cores of SPHERE collaborate to provide expertise in laboratory assessment, social disparities research, analytic computing capabilities, and community engagement, to ensure the success of the three current projects and future health disparities projects taken on by the SPHERE team and partners.

What We Do

Administrative Core

The central resource for management, coordination, and support of the center’s overall goals and of each of the individual Projects and Cores.

Leads: Mark Cullen, Bonnie Maldonado, Jill Evans

Analytics + Modeling Core

Bridges the divide between individual-level precision medicine and population-level health disparities through data analysis and model development.

Lead: Sanjay Basu

Laboratory Core

Provides omics services (i.e., genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) to the different projects in the center.

Lead: Carlos Bustamante

Consortium Core

Ensures that mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships arise from the development of SPHERE and fosters an environment of co-learning for scientists and community to adequately address health disparities among underserved populations.

Lead: Rhonda McClinton-Brown

Implementation Core

Translates the findings from the SPHERE studies into community-based strategies to impact health disparities

Lead: Lisa Goldman-Rosas

Community Partners

In addition to our Cores, we reach out to others to work with us. The goal of achieving health equity requires community partners and collaborators to identify barriers and potential solutions for precision health.