ICCR Testimonials

What participants are saying…

  •  "I think if someone were newly arriving to Stanford and planning to engage in research, this course presents a broad overview that would help connect them to various places/people to go to for learning more. I wish I had taken it as a 2nd year fellow, but better late than never!"
  • "Strongly recommend to any of my co-residents who may be interested in clinical research because it is very do-able for the time limitations of a resident but still manages to hit on the major points necessary to write a proposal or evaluate literature in forming a good research question. I now feel better equipped to at least propose a much better research question to faculty research advisors when seeking help on writing proposals."
  • "Great basic overview of clinical research to start my career. Great to meet other people in other fields"
  • "High yield educational content, practical information, and feedback within small groups"


What did you find most valuable about attending this course?

  • "I liked that despite not feeling very comfortable in research design and methodology I was encouraged and made to believe that it is possible to get involved in research at this point in my career despite my lack of previous experience. I feel like prior to this course I thought I missed the opportunity to learn and do research since I was not involved as an undergrad and minimally in medical school and residency."
  • "Wide range but high yield review of educational content. Content was tailored to current knowledge and experience of attendees."


Participant Proposal Review Process

  •  “I had a great time at the proposal review. It was a low stress environment. We could ask any question without embarrassment. My mentors  were absolutely great at keeping the session enjoyable, educational and collaborative.”
  • "I really appreciated the opportunity to go deep on one project. I think in an ideal world there would also be time to focus on everyone's projects to challenge each of us to move our thinking ahead. But given the choice, and particularly given the breadth of information presented in the course, I thought it was a good complement to focus on one project for the purpose of our small group."
  •  "Very useful. I learned so much about how to improve my proposal after feedback. And getting feedback from both experts in research design and clinical trials was really useful to come up with questions I should be asking about the research design. Additionally, having the perspective of my peers who are not in my specialty was helpful."


Achievement of stated goals: 

  •  "I was able to take away from the course a much better project proposal that I can now submit for a resident research funding opportunity. I have also noticed that since taking the course when seeing emails or receiving journals in the mail, I am much more likely to read them asking basic questions like "How did they do this?" etc, which is improving my intake of current literature in my field."
  • "I wanted real feedback on my proposal and to have a broad understanding of statistical analysis and being able to interpret but also know which statistics would help answer my biological questions."