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OnCore Basics


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Workflows & Instructions

Workflow Instructions Forms
Study Registration

  1. Submit a request to register a new study in OnCore
  2. Complete your protocol set-up in OnCore
  3. Set up and use multiple consents and versions (Optional)
Subject Management
  1. Registering and Tracking Participants  

  2. Off Study Participants - subject participation ends
Changes to Study, and Subject Details or Status
  1. Changes to Accrual Goals, Staff, Study Sites, Diagnosis Group

Open Study to Accrual
  1. Submit an Open to Accrual request

SINGLE IRB studies

(those approved by external, non-Stanford IRB)

  1. Submit request to register in OnCore: Requires eProtocol Print View, and External IRB’s Initial Approval letter (if available)
  2. Open to Accrual: Requires Stanford IRB Reliance Letter, and External IRB's Approval Letter if not submitted at registration
Quick Reference
  1. “Cue Card” for Clinical Research Coordinators and Clinical Research Nurses
  2. What studies should be registered?  See criteria.

Resource documents, Tips & FAQs

Area Topic
Accrual Reports
Accrual Reporting from OnCore
Effort Tracking
Ethnicity and Race Classification

This form is given to participants to self-define their ethnicity and race. (Similar form is used for cancer studies.)

Ethnicity and Race Classification

➜ The IRB does not require a sample of this form to be submitted with the IRB (eProtocol) application.

Customizing Tailor your OnCore – Profile, Dashboard, Home Page
Definitions OnCore Fields; Other definitions; Common terminology
General General Tips and Navigation
Search Subject Search
Protocol Search
Date Shortcuts Shortcuts for Date Fields
Which Studies to Register in OnCore
All clinical research that consents human subjects must be registered and tracked in OnCore.  See:
Quick Reference “Cue Card” for Clinical Research Coordinators, and Clinical Research Nurses

OnCore Training Classes (STARs)

OnCore Basic Hands-On Training  (Non-cancer only)

This class is to learn the tasks and workflows to register and manage studies in OnCore, and register participants.  You will need to bring your laptop, charger, and webauth device (usually your phone).   

See training schedule & sign up through STARS

Have OnCore experience with cancer studies and need to work on non-cancer studies?

We offer online Zoom training (~ 1 hour) “at your desk” for people who already have experience using OnCore.  Contact us for information.

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