OnCore is Stanford’s secure centralized system for tracking clinical research. As required by School of Medicine policy, studies that consent human subjects with a Stanford consent form, or consent/information sheet with a waiver of documentation, must be registered and have their accrual recorded in OnCore.

Read the School of Medicine Policy for Using OnCore, watch this brief video, and refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

OnCore Access

Completion of the OnCore Basics for Non-Cancer training is required. See upcoming training sessions and sign up through STARS. If you are faculty or previously used OnCore, contact the OnCore Support Team to learn about other training options.

Since OnCore contains Protected Health Information (PHI), researchers and other OnCore users must have and maintain current HIPAA and human subjects protections training prior to requesting OnCore access, and for the duration of their OnCore use. 

Working off campus? You must connect to the Stanford Network through Cisco AnyConnect VPN before accessing the OnCore site. For help, contact TDS.

Required Steps: Register | Track Accrual | Maintain Study

At a minimum, the steps below must be completed for studies that meet criteria for OnCore registration. Other studies can also be registered even if there’s no requirement to do so.

Submit a Study Registration Request through the OnCore Request Portal
If your department is using OnCore ePRMS to manage their CRU (Clinical Research Unit)
 - refer to OnCore ePRMS Submission instructions

Complete the protocol set-up using the instructions or quick reference card provided in the e-mail you receive when your study has been registered in OnCore, or approved by your CRU

When ready to begin enrolling participants, submit an Open to Accrual Request through the OnCore Request Portal

Track accrual using either the Per-Participant method or Summary Accrual Only option.  Learn more about the differences between these two options.

When the study is Closed to Accrual, submit a Study Change Request to update the study status in OnCore using the OnCore Request Portal

Submit a Study Change Request for IRB Study Closure using the OnCore Request Portal once your study is Closed in eProtocol

Remember to use the OnCore Request Portal for:

  • other changes to a protocol's status (abandoned, suspended, etc.).
  • changes to protocol staff. 
  • deleting/merging participant records.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Features

These features are not required but can help teams streamline processes and work more efficiently.

Feature Benefit Instructions

Tracking Consent 

Keep track of when participants consent, and on which consents forms and versions. Subject Management Guide

Assessing Subject Eligibility

Easily track how many participants you’ve assessed and the percentage that were eligible/ineligible. 

Set up automated Eligibility Questionnaire in OnCore

Subject Management Guide

Pre-Consent Screening & Eligibility Tracking

Readily determine how many people were screened to reach target enrollment. Find the most common reasons people were ineligible.

*Requires IRB Waiver of HIPAA Authorization

Contact the OnCore Support Team if interested in using this feature, then enroll to see a brief video to learn more and complete the training.
Recording AEs, SAEs, & Deviations Quickly pull reports that can be used e.g., at IRB continuing review. AEs, SAEs & Deviations Video
Participant Bulk Load Service

Many studies maintain participant enrollment information in other places, such as REDCap.

To reduce duplicate effort, we offer this service to upload and auto-register a list of participants to an OnCore protocol. This is for studies tracking individual participants in OnCore.

Contact the OnCore Support Team if interested in using this service.

Participant Bulk Load Service  

Effort Tracking Demonstrate time devoted to different study tasks to better understand and improve processes related to budgeting, workload management, and sponsor negotiations.

Effort Tracking Video

Effort Tracking Quick Guide

Contact the OnCore Support Team if your division is interested in using this feature.

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