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Stanford CTSA Research Participation Program expands


JUNE 2022

The Research Participation Program (RPP) provides resources and tools to help study teams meet their participant recruitment goals, with a focus on engaging patients as partners in research. In response to increased demand from study teams, and to better serve the greater Stanford research community, RPP has expanded its Participant Engagement Platform (PEP) “honest broker” services.

The RPP model includes one-hour free consultations and an array of services for study teams, including Direct Email, Epic MyChart, Postal Mail, and Stanford Research Registry outreach. RPP partners with study teams to develop and send study invitations to potential participants identified using the Stanford Research Repository (STARR). 

“The RPP model includes one-hour free consultations and an array of services for study teams, including Direct Email, Epic MyChart, Postal Mail, and Stanford Research Registry outreach.”

Visit the RPP website for Standard and Add-On Services and their associated costs, as well as for Participant Engagement Tips and Resources and a “How to Plan a Recruitment Budget” template. Financial and infrastructure support from the Spectrum CTSA have made it possible to offer these services at a reduced cost to members of the internal/non-industry Stanford community.

Contributing to the launch of this slate of services were Stanford study teams, Technology & Digital Solutions, Stanford Children’s Clinical Research Support Office, Research Compliance Office (IRB), University Privacy Office, and Hospital Compliance. Also providing valuable input were members of the Patient Family Advisory Committees at Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Health Care, who shared feedback on the patient experience of receiving RPP’s study invitations. Collectively, these contributions will increase opportunities to participate in research for people of all backgrounds, ensuring that research participation is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Please reach out to EngageParticipants@stanford.edu for a one-hour free consultation, during which time PEP honest broker services can be explored and questions answered.