SPARK at Stanford

Visiting scholar from Zimbabwe

Education and Project Support

The SPARK Program at Stanford includes education, mentorship, and funding for promising product proposals, and is open to professors, clinicians, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students.

Graduate level courses about the drug discovery and development process are hosted through The Department of Chemical and Systems Biology and are taught by SPARK co-founders. Drug development is an iterative process that requires specialized knowledge and technical proficiency in a number of areas. SPARK courses offer an excellent introduction to this process.

SPARK’s mentorship and funding program reviews product proposals on an annual basis.

SPARK Scholars (AKA “SPARKees”) are funded for an average of two years and participate in weekly seminars with industry and academic experts.

SPARK at Stanford is also proud to support the efforts of multiple academic institutions around the world in setting up their own SPARK programs. 

RFPs: 2018 SPARK Grants

The application process is now open for 2018 SPARK grants. 

Success Stories

Learn more about project proposals SPARK has funded. 

SPARK's Educational Program

A multifaceted approach.