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The Solutions Science Lab

Department of Pediatrics - Division of General Pediatrics

Directed by Dr. Thomas Robinson, the Stanford Solution Science Lab conducts individual-, family-, school-, and community-based randomized controlled trials to test behavioral, social and environmental interventions to prevent and treat childhood obesity, increase physical activity and reduce screen time, improve nutrition, reduce aggressive behaviors, and increase environmental sustainability and energy efficiency among children and their families. The lab has extensive experience designing, implementing, and evaluating large-scale community-based trials among diverse samples of children and families. The lab focuses on designing and testing the efficacy and effectiveness of theory-driven behavioral, social, and environmental interventions, to directly inform medical and public health practices and policymaking.  The Stanford Solutions Science Lab excels in designing and testing interdisciplinary solutions, and collaborates with faculty across all of Stanford’s seven schools.  The lab’s research is founded in Dr. Robinson’s solution-oriented research paradigm, and applies his concepts of process motivators and stealth interventions to promote larger and more sustained improved health and well-being in children and families.