Visiting Scholars

Jenna Alley, PhD


Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Genetics 
Social Justice Equity and Inclusion Chair | CAL STAR Network
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Research Interests: In my work I investigate the potential psychobiological mechanisms through which stress, adversity and abuse, faced across developmental periods, influence the mental, physical and sexual health of sexually diverse and gender diverse populations.

Hsin-Ling Hsu, PhD

Visiting Scholar
Investigator at Institute of Molecular and Genomic Medicine in National Health Research Institutes (Taiwan), known for her research on the molecular mechanism of MCT-1 oncogene.

Research Interests: Cancer Immunotherapy Against Tumor Recurrence, Metastasis, Metabolism and Microenvironment. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Department of Life Science in Tung-Hai University and has served as a Health Product Research Consultant at Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

Shahar Lev Ari, PhD

Shahar Lev Ari, a Visiting scholar at Professor Michael Snyder's Lab, Department of Genetics, Stanford University.

Dr. Lev-Ari is an expert in the biology of health promotion, known for his research on the mechanism and effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (The Work of Byron Katie) on physical and mental health and well-being from promotion through prevention, treatment, and recovery. His current research interest focus on understanding the mechanism of lasting behavior change.

Summer Mengelkoch, PhD

Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genetics
Experimental Psychology Ph.D., Texas Christian University

Research Interests: stress, health, immune function/inflammation, hormonal contraceptives, hormones, decision-making, gene expression, evolutionary psychology/medicine

Daniel Moriarity, PhD

Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genetics
Clinical Psychology Ph.D., Temple University

Research Interests: Psychiatric phenotyping, physiometrics, cognitive vulnerabilities, inflammation, affective psychopathology

Lydia Roos, PhD

Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genetics
Health Psychology PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research interests: Stressor appraisals and stress reactivity (cognitive, emotional, and physiological), emotion regulation and coping, stress-related biomarkers, mobile health sensing/wearables, stressful life events, social processes