Graduate Students

Misha Baitemirova

Knight-Hennessy Scholar | GSB'23 | BMI'23
Stanford University


Research interests: Multi-modal deep learning, non-invasive continuous health tracking, digital biomarkers.

Jessica Kain

PhD Candidate
Biomedical Engineering, BS
University of Virginia


  • Research interests: Precision medicine, Computational and systems biology, Machine learning, Integrative multi-omic analysis, Metabolomics
  • Bio: Jessica is broadly interested in the application of computational and systems biology in precision medicine and has experience leveraging multi-omic data to better understand both rare and complex diseases.   
  •   More She received her BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2020 and has been working in research and development at a biotech start-up. Her graduate research revolves around elucidating complex biological systems through the development and use of analytical methods that integrate multi-omic data and biomedical knowledge. Jessica is currently focused on developing interpretation methods and predictive models for the clinical application of metabolomics. 



Ziv Lautman

Environmental Engineering, B.Sc.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
William K. Bowes Jr. Stanford Graduate Fellow

Teaching BIOS237: Engineering Wellness
Leading The Lasting Change Study

Research interests: Quantification methods for Mind-Body connection, Precision mental health, Placebo effect