2024 Researching The Benefits of 'Forest' Aromatherapy

Beneficial Exposures Study:

Exploring  potential health benefits resulting from regular exposure to compounds extracted from plants. We hope to learn how the human body is influenced by regular exposure to these compounds.

About this study

This study will be entirely performed remotely. The study team will send you the supplies needed for the study.  We will gather information from a wearable monitor (Fitbit), Personal Exposome Monitor (PEM), surveys, and blood specimens to assess the effect of introducing diffused natural compounds in your home environment (specifically during sleep).

Exposome Research at Snyder lab

Snyder Labs currently has three research studies examining the exposomes in our environment.  

Crohn's Exposome Research Study

Investigating the role of human exposome in Crohn’s disease using wearable sensors and multiomics profiling.

We conduct the study to better understand the association between airborne exposures and onset and flares of Crohn’s disease.

Exposures Research Study:

Longitudinal profiling of personal home and work exposomes We seek to identify and evaluate the environmental and workplace exposures using comprehensive exposome analysis methods and the combination of metabolomics data to identify occupational exposures that may impact human health.