2013-present Executive Council Human Genome Meeting
2012-present Chair, Scientific Adviosry Committee HPP
2009-present Advisory Board Member, Yeast Proteomics Center, Univ. of Manchester
2009 Univ. of Pennsylvania, Genomics & Computational Graduate Program Review
2008-present Uppsala Univ. Advisory Broad on Bertolli Center for Neurobiology
2008-present Executive Committee of HUPO
2008-2011 Executive Committee of US HUPO
2008-2010 Genetic Society of America Members and Meetings Committee
2008-2012 Member, MABS NIH Study Section
2008 Proteomics Structure Committee Advisory Group
2008 External Review Committee, Gene Expression Unit, EMBL
2008 Proteomics Standards Initiative
2008 EDRN Review of Boston Group
2008-present SAB, Duke Univ. Systems Biology Center


SAB, Integrated Genomics Project Univ. of Toronto
2008 Review Committee for DOE Macromolecular Assemblies
2007 NSF Plant Genomics Initiatives 5 Year Review
2004-2007 Damon Runyan-Walter Winchell Review Panel
2003-2006 SAB, Blueprint Initiative
2003 NIH Special Road Map Advisory Committee
2003 External Reviewer, Dept. of Medical Genetics, Univ. of Toronto
2003-2010 Scientific Advisory Board, Gottenberg Univ. Genomics Meeting
2002-2006 Member, Chinese National Human Genome Institute Advisory Board
2002-2007 Member, Ontario Genome Institute Scientific Advisory Board
2001-present Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Scientific Advisory Committee
2001-present Member, Institute of Genetics Advisory Council, CIHR Canada
2000, 2002 NIH Study Section Review Working Group
2000 Canadian Genome Center Review Panel
1999 NSF Division Review Panel
1997 ATCC Advisory Committee
1996-2002 March of Dimes Grant Review Panel
 2002 Damon Runyan Walter Winchell Review Panel
1994-96 Howard Hughes Predoctoral Fellowship Review Committee
1993 Scientific Advisory Board Review Panel-American Cancer Society