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Michael Snyder, PhD. Stanford W. Ascherman, Professor in Genetics

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From Genes to Cells to Diseases

We are presently in an omics revolution in which genomes and other omes can be readily characterized. Our laboratory develops and uses a variety of approaches to analyze genomes, other omes, and regulatory networks. We apply these approaches to understand human variation and health. Read more about our research activities or visit our publications.

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Wearables Research Study:

With limited test kits and slow results turnaround, we are trying to find out if information from wearable devices can help detect Infectious Disease or COVID-19 before symptoms emerge.

Fiber, Microbiome & Health:

Researching the Longitudinal Systemic Effects of Dietary Fiber Supplementation

Fiber and Cognition:

Research studying the relationship between diet, specifically fiber intake and cognitive function over time, to learn about lifestyle ways to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease..

Human Genetic Variation:

Researching the role of genetic variation between human sperm and somatic (body) cells where the basis is currently unknown.

Health x COVID-19:

We want to understand long-term impacts of COVID-19 on your physical and mental health.

Pac-12 Student Athletes Against COVID-19:

Researching COVID-19 disease prediction with Pac-12 student athletes and Fitbit wearable devices.

Crohn's Exposome: Exposures Matter:

Investigating the role of human exposome in Crohn’s disease using wearable sensors and multiomics profiling.


Updates From The Lab

Correspondent David Pogue talks to Michale Snyder, PhD. about our wearables research study.

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Body Count:

How Michael Snyder’s self-monitoring project could transform human health

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