The Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars (SMIS) program is an integrated, 3-year cross- disciplinary postdoctoral training program at Stanford University that brings together 28 faculty mentors from 13 departments in the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Humanities and Sciences. Molecular imaging (MI), a noninvasive technique to visualize and quantify specific molecular and biochemical processes in living organisms, has revolutionized medicine and biomedical research, and continues to expand its applications in the detection, treatment, and management of cancer.

SMIS faculty mentors, and extensive resources, provide a rich and diverse training environment spanning fields such as biology, physics, mathematics, biocomputations/biomedical informatics, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, cancer biology, immunology, and medical sciences. The centerpiece of the SMIS program is the opportunity for trainees (with PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degrees) to conduct innovative molecular imaging research that is co-mentored by faculty in complementary research and clinical disciplines. SMIS trainees also engage in specialized coursework, seminars, national conferences, clinical rounds, including ethics training and the responsible conduct of research. The three-year program culminates with the preparation and review of a mock NIH grant proposal, in support of trainee transition to an independent career in cancer molecular imaging.


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