National Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebrations - October 2022

October 3 @ 12 noon: Inclusion Rounds: Navigating An Academic Career With a Disability

Please join us Monday, October 3, 12 - 1PM for a special event organized by the Department of Medicine Diversity and Inclusion Council and SMADIE in honor of Natinal Disability Employment Awareness Month. Please join us as we welcome moderator Holly Tabor for a conversation with Joseph Garner, Margarita Bekker, Suchi Rastogi, and Kevin Mintz. 

October is National Disability Employment Month as recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. Join Stanford's Disability Staff Forum for a series of three virtual lunch and learn workshops beginning October 4 that explore the importance of disability identity, advocacy, accessibility, and the process for requesting workplace accommodations. 

Developed by disabled employees and allies, this workshop series strive to educate the broader Stanford community on Disability as a diverse and highly individualized identity and experience. With such a strong emphasis on workplace performance, disabled employees are often marginalized and rendered invisible as stigma and/or fear of being seen as a burden that impede them from requesting access to the supports needed to reach their fullest potential. This workshp series aims to foster community and belonging among disabled staff and allies at Stanford. While attendance at individual workshops is welcomed, for the richest experience, attendees are encouraged to attend the complete series of workshops.

Workshop 1: October 4, 2022, 12 - 1:30 PM (PT)

Disabled Isn't A Bad Word: A Workshop on Disability, Advocacy, and Community (click here for slides)

Description: This workshop is the first workshop hosted by the Disability Staff Forum on disability in the workplace. In this workshop, all Stanford employees are invited to learn more about the history of disability advocacy in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion , especially in the workplace, the disability community at Stanford , and supportive resources available to folks throughout and beyond the accommodations process. From this and future workshops, attendees will also become comfortable with engaging in disability advocacy. 

Workshop 2: October 11, 2022, 12 - 1:30 PM (PT)

A Practical Guide to Requesting & Navigating the Disability Accommodations Process for Employees (click here for slides)

Description: Employees will leave this workshop with clear guidance on how to seek disability-related accommodations. You will learn your role and responsibilities in initiating and facilitating the process, grow as a self-advocate with increased clarity on your rights and expectations from involved parties, and familiarize yourself with resources designed to support you along the way.

October 14 @ 8 AM: Pediatric Grand Rounds: Growing the Diverse Pediatric Workforce: Fostering the Inclusion of Residents with Disabilities

PRESENTED BY Lisa Meeks, PhD, MA, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

DESCRIPTION: This presentation will focuss on the value of physicians with disabilities in the pediatric workforce and discuss ways in which programs and peers can invite inclusion and belonging for the population.

LOCATION: Live-streamed from LPCH Auditorium (West Building), 725 Welch Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304

October 17 @ 6:30 PM: AXIS Dance Company Accessible Dance Workshop: Co-sponsored by Stanford Medicine Alliance for Disability Inclusion and Equity (SMADIE) and Stanford Department of Theater and Performance Studies. Register for in-person workshop or Zoom livestream.

Location: 375 Santa Teresa St. Stanford, CA 94305. Studio 113 - Meet in courtyard at 6:30 PM

AXIS Dance Company Fundamentals of Integrated Dance (90 minutes)

AXIS will introduce the fundamentals of integrated dance using creative movement, improvisation, and modern dance technique. The emphasis of this class will be on investigation and exploration. The workshop is open to disabled and non-disabled adults with any level of dance experience. A maximum of 25 participants. The workshop is participatory but no dance experience is required. Since space is limited, enrollment will be given to those who identify as disabled but all are encouraged to register. A zoom livestream option will also be available. 

AXIS collaborates with disabled and non-disabled artists to create world-class productions that challenge perceptions of dance and disability. AXIS strives to create a radically inclusive dance sector and world by removing barriers and showcasing the beauty of difference. 

October 19 @ 12 PM: Accessible Documents Workshop: Co-sponsored by Stanford Medicine Alliance for Diability, Inclusion, and Equity (SMADIE) and Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility. Register for the zoom webinar

Appropriate for staff who create documents and templates for other staff, patients, and our community. Learn how to create accessible Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDFs that can be read by screenreader tecchnology that support people with various disabilities, including folks with vision, mobility, and learning disabilities to name a few. Also find out where to learn about creating other accessible file formats, websites, and more. 

October 20 @ 5:30 PM: Documentary Film Screening and discussion with Director David Zucker, MFA'21. "Your Friend, Memphis" - Co-Sponsored by Stanford Medicine Alliance for Disability Inclusion and Equity (SMADIE) and Stanford Documentary Film Program. Register for in-person screening or zoom livestream. 

Memphis is wild at heart. He lives on the edge, pursuing his dreams with grit. But as a young man with cerebral palsy, living without government support, Memphis feels stuck. Saddled with their own baggage, Memphis' parents waver between supporting his desire for independence and pushing him towards a more pragmatic reality. Seneca, his best friend, struggles to reconcile her own big ambitions with her small town life - and her relationship with Memphis. Shot over five years, debut director David Zucker's Your Friend, Memphis is an intimate portrait of Memphis' dogged determination to bridge the distance between the world's expectations and his own aspirations, no matter what. The 90-minute film will be followed by Q&A with filmmaker David Zucker (starting around 7 PM). 

Disability Staff Forum

Workshop 3: October 25 @ 12-1:30 PM
A Practical Guide to Supporting Employees through the Disability Accommodations Process (click here for slides)

Description: This workshop is intended for Stanford employees who seek to grow as advocates and allies in understanding the disability accommodations process at Stanford. In this workshop, attendees will explore practical ways that supervisors, colleagues, HR staff and managers can support and honor disabled employees' needs and experiences. 

October 28 @ 1 - 3 PM: Ice Cream Social: Join Stanford Medicine Alliance for Disability Inclusion and Equity (SMADIE) Employee Resource Group, Graduate Coalition for Disability and Chronic Illness (GCDI), Medical Students with Disability and Chronic Illness (MSDCI) and more. 

Location: Music Lunge on the 3rd Floor of Stanford Hospital, 500 Pasteur Drive