Patient Care in the Division of Sleep Medicine

The Division of Sleep Medicine welcomes all patients with any sleep problem, whether it is difficulty falling or staying asleep, snoring and breathing pauses during the night, unusual sleep-related movement or behaviors observed by a bedpartner, problems with night shift work or other work schedules, unpleasant sensations in the legs that prevent sleep, or irresistible and inadvertent episodes of severe sleepiness throughout the day.  We use the latest technology to assist in the diagnosis of your sleep problems, whether it involves devices that record your breathing patterns in your home to monitoring devices that analyze everything about your sleep in our laboratory setting.  Our experienced faculty members offer personalized care in their diagnosis and management of the wide range of sleep disorders; we also offer specialized clinics that are unique to our center and that target specific sleep disorders. 

To learn more about our clinics, doctors, and planning for a patient visit, please visit:

Stanford Health Care's website on Sleep Medicine

We look forward to working closely with you in solving your sleep problems,
and we welcome your partnership in helping to advance the field of sleep medicine!