Every year, thousands of children are born with serious congenital heart defects that require palliative surgeries or heart transplantation for survival. Even with drastic intervention, the rate of failure of these procedures by young adolescence remains too high. 3D Bioprinting offers a tantalizing future of patient-specific tissues- and organs-on-demand as a curative solution to congenital heart defects, yet this dream poses an extraordinary challenge. As a part of the Basic Science and Engineering (BASE) Initiative at Stanford’s Children’s Heart Center, we aim to develop strategies to enhance the function and scale of bioprinted cardiac and vascular tissues to accelerate the realization of this futuristic vision.

Our lab is embedded at the intersection of synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and 3D printing. We are always seeking new students and postdocs with a demonstrated passion for rethinking how we make things, with relevant expertise in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, or materials science.


Featured on Stanford News: Stanford bioengineers aim to build a heart, one layer at a time

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