Stanford Skull Base Surgery Patient Stories


Xueli Du (Beijing, China): Treated for Adult Craniopharyngioma

"I started to lose progressively my peripheral vision. My doctors found I had a rare and large tumor compressing my optic nerves. They told me this was a high risk operation. With the help of my family I was fortunate to find the best surgeon to perform my surgery. My vision went back to normal, tumor was totally removed, and even my pituitary gland function remained intact. I am forever grateful to DrJFM and his team."


Ari Ellman (Los Angeles, California): Treated for Pediatric Craniopharyngioma

"They told us Ari's case was inoperable. But we looked into all experts in cranioparyngioma treatment and DrJFM and his dreamteam gave us confidence and hope. The results have been almost miraculous."


Omri Cohen (Israel): Treated for Pediatric Craniopharyngioma

"Dear DrJFM,
My family and I would like to thank you and your amazing staff at Stanford Hospital from the bottom of our hearts, for your dedicated care of our child Omri. In such a difficult time when everything around us was gloomy, you were the person who showed us the light - professional, patient, reassuring and very optimistic.I have no doubt that by choosing you to take care of our son we have not only saved his life but have also influenced the course and the quality of his life. Thanks to you and your team, our son is embarking on a new path. We will forever be grateful and cherish your care of him."


Craig Dettman (Chicago): Treated for a Pituitary Tumor - Acromegaly

"A dentist friend of mine diagnosed me with acromegaly as the cause of tooth separation and malocclusion. On my first surgery they could only remove part of the tumor and they told us it was impossible to remove it all. We search for multiple opinions, but none of them offer us confidence in the results. We are so happy we found DrJFM for his expertise in Acromegaly. He was able to remove all tumor through the nose and my IGF-1 levels are now normal!"


Jeremiah Kvas (Kansas): Treated for Clival Chordoma

"After an accident, my doctors here found I had a very large mass at the base of my skull, a rare tumor known as clival chordoma. I contacted The Chordoma Foundation and they explained the importance of surgical expertise for optimal outcomes. DrJFM came highly recommended and from my first interaction with him I knew he was the right surgeon for me. Surgery was tough but an amazing success. All tumor is gone and radiation is not needed at this point because of the favorable genetics of my tumor. My double vision is now resolved. I am thrilled!"


Claude Drugan: Treated for Skull Base Meningioma

"My balance was off and I developed worsening headaches and hearing loss. I went to the emergency room, they admitted me, and told me I had a golf ball sized tumor at the base of my skull pressing my brainstem and blocking the fluid cavities in the brain. The neurosurgeons wanted to do surgery but they seemed overwhelmed by the complexity of my case. Fortunately a doctor close friend of mine advised me to leave the hospital and consult with DrJFM, a skull base expert. He attended me right away and a few days later I was having the surgery I needed. I have completely recovered and I now enjoy every moment of life!"


Michelle Rando: Treated for an Epidermoid Tumor & Trigeminal Neuralgia

"For months, I dealt with horrible facial pain until I found out there was a tumor in the center of my head compressing the brainstem and the trigeminal nerve. In desperation, I search for the best possible expert for my condition and I was so lucky to find DrJFM. He inspired tremendous confidence and genuine expertise. Surgery was a sound success with complete tumor removal and resolution of symptoms. I cannot be happier today. It all looks like a dream now!"


Ermelinda Ornelas: Treated for a Pineal Tumor

"My family and me are deeply thankful for DrJFM and his team. When I arrived to the hospital I was nearly in coma. Surgery was a great success and now I have completely recovered and I am tumor free."

Featured Patient: Natalia Cherry, Treated for Acromegaly and a Pituitary Tumor

For more than a decade Natalia Cherry was feeling like something just wasn't right. Inexplicable weight gain, changes in her bones, and chronic fatigue continued to affect her but her lab work with her primary care doctor didn't show anything abnormal. Then Cherry ended up in the emergency room unable to pass neurological exams, and that's when Stanford neurosurgeons diagnosed her with a hormonal disorder and a pituitary tumor. Using an innovative technique Stanford neurosurgeons were able to remove the tumor without opening the skull, and gave Cherry her life back. 

Featured Patient: David Silva, Treated for a Craniopharyngioma Brain Tumor

David Silva was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumor when he was just 22 years old. Treating this type of tumor is difficult and complex. Over the course of a decade Silva endured five brain surgeries at multiple hospitals, but the procedures were all unsuccessful and the tumor persisted. Silva was ready to give up hope, but then he heard about a neurosurgeon with unique expertise at Stanford.