Stanford Skull Base Surgery Patient Stories

Featured Patient: Natalia Cherry, Treated for Acromegaly and a Pituitary Tumor

For more than a decade Natalia Cherry was feeling like something just wasn't right. Inexplicable weight gain, changes in her bones, and chronic fatigue continued to affect her but her lab work with her primary care doctor didn't show anything abnormal. Then Cherry ended up in the emergency room unable to pass neurological exams, and that's when Stanford neurosurgeons diagnosed her with a hormonal disorder and a pituitary tumor. Using an innovative technique Stanford neurosurgeons were able to remove the tumor without opening the skull, and gave Cherry her life back. 

Featured Patient: David Silva, Treated for a Craniopharyngioma Brain Tumor

David Silva was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumor when he was just 22 years old. Treating this type of tumor is difficult and complex. Over the course of a decade Silva endured five brain surgeries at multiple hospitals, but the procedures were all unsuccessful and the tumor persisted. Silva was ready to give up hope, but then he heard about a neurosurgeon with unique expertise at Stanford.