Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) Fellowship

2016 Summer: Lindsey Gaul

2016 Academic Year: Lindsey Gaul

2017 Summer: Nicholas Coon and Hannah Chicchelly

2017 Academic Year: Lindsey Gaul and Gabrielle Duncan

2018 Summer: Mason Klisares and Sydney Jellison

2018 Academic Year: Sydney Jellison and Gabrielle Duncan

2019 Summer: Lydia Leyden, Johnny Malicoat, Mandy Hellman, Kalvon Steffen and Sydney Jellison

2019 Academic Year: Kalvon Steffen and Ally Andreasen

2020 Summer: Pedro Marra, Eleanor Sullivan, Gloria Chang and Zoe-Ella Anderson

2021 Summer: Pedro Marra, Gloria Chang and Katie Comp.

2021 Academic Year: Pedro Marra

Carver College of Medicine Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship

2016: Jonathan Heinzman,The Lauretta Bender Award for Research in Psychiatry

2017: Adam Vesole, The George Winokur Research Award in Psychiatry

2018: Tong Yu, The George Winokur Research Award in Psychiatry

National Awards