Presentation Group Session (Virtual)
Thursday, August 24th, 2020



Kim Chiang, MD


QI Lead:

Amelia Sattler, MD



Luis Hernandez


Quality Improvement (QI) Track Resources

QI Didactic Training

Participation in the QI Track requires completion of at least one of the following didactic courses:  

1. MED 210 - Principles and Practice of Healthcare Quality Improvement (RITE-based curriculum)

This is a one-quarter class that meets monthly for a total of four sessions. This course will introduce students to the foundational concepts in healthcare quality improvement (QI) and provide tools for translating these principles into practice. Students have the option of completing the course curriculum in conjunction with a QI/patient safety project. This course may be repeated for credit up to three quarters with continued work on a QI project. All units count towards the Quality Improvement Scholarly Concentration. 

2. Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Quality Improvement Course (Please see login instruction above)

The goal of every health care provider and organization is to provide safe, timely, equitable, effective, efficient, and patient -centered care. But how can that hopeful statement become reality? Explore this suite of courses to learn how to apply the science of improvement - which includes aims, measures, and Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles - to make positive changes within the systems in your local setting. You'll also learn about the psychology of change and why introducing new ideas and processes often takes time, patience, and creativity. To complete the Course, you must complete the following 6 Open School courses: QI 101 - QI 105, QI 201.

3. IHI Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety (Please see login instruction above)

Earning the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety boosts your knowledge and skills - and proves to employers you're serious about changing health care for the better. To received the Certificate, you must complete the following 13 Open School courses: Q101 - Q105, PS 101 - 105, TA 101, PFC 101, L 101