Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley faculty and staff on the first day of clinical trial enrollment


In December 2020, Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley, Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Health Care partnered to allow for research to be conducted at SHC Tri-Valley. This led to the establishment of the Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Research Office. 

The mission of the Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Research Office (SHC Tri-Valley RO) is to support investigators and research teams to conduct impactful, collaborative, and high-quality research. 

The SHC Tri-Valley RO will evaluate all new research studies at SHC Tri-Valley and provide ongoing support to ensure best practices are followed.  The SHC Tri-Valley RO will oversee, educate, and provide guidance for researchers at SHC Tri-Valley. Additionally, the SHC Tri-Valley RO will align with Stanford resources, serving as a  primary point of contact for SHC Tri-Valley researchers to work together in the overall Stanford research system.

Mission Statement

The SHC Tri-Valley RO will provide the following essential functions: 

  • Develop the research infrastructure at SHC Tri-Valley
  • Review all proposed clinical trials and approve proposals based on scientific merit and priorities that align with the mission of Stanford
  • Assist investigators interested in bringing trials to SHC Tri-Valley by performing a site feasibility assessment and connecting them to the appropriate resources within SHC Tri-Valley 
  • Monitor progress of all proposals and ongoing studies and ensure that trials are conducted in a manner compliant with university, federal guidelines  in collaboration with the Program Management Office (PMO) and Research Management Group (RMG) 
  • Promote research of all types (clinical trials, observational studies, chart reviews, QA/QI) in the SHC Tri-Valley community 

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