Genome Technology Center

Diversity of the vaginal microbiome correlates with preterm birth

Richard W. Hyman, Marilyn Fukushima, Hui Jiang, Eula Fung, Larry Rand, Brittni Johnson, Kim Chi Vo, Aaron B. Caughey, Joan F. Hilton, Ronald W. Davis, and Linda C. Giudice. Reproductive Sciences.

Supplementary material

Table S3A: PTB_alldata.xls
All of the bacterial identification data. The percent of the sequence reads supporting the presence of any given bacterium was recorded when that percent was at least 1% (usually 3 sequence reads). Bacteria supported by <1% of the sequence reads are indicated by an asterix.

Table S3B: PTB_Table_S3B
The bacterial identification data for the 14 participants for whom we have swabs in all three trimesters. These data were abstracted from Table S3A.

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