Gene Expression Analysis of Human Endotoxin Response

Endotoxin administration to healthy human volunteers elicits a classic inflammatory response by activating the innate immune system. We utilize an approach which combines genome-wide expression analysis with a network analysis base on literature mining to explore the diversity and magnitude of this acute inflammatory process.


Endotoxin response is a classic model for study of inflammation

Inflammation is the hallmark of many human diseases, being associated with cancer, cardiac disease and trauma


Profiling of the temporal gene expression response to in vivo endotoxin administration in whole blood leukocytes as well as T-lymphocyte, monocyte and neutrophil populations.

Systems analysis to identify biological networks involved during activation and resolution of the process


Wenzhong Xiao 
Michael Mindrinos 
Julie Wilhelmy 
Ron Davis

Glue Grant Consortium 
Ingenuity Systems