Global expression studies of the Arabidopsis genome

The goal of the global expression studies of the Arabidopsis genome project, a collaboration with J. Ecker and A Theologis, is to define all of the transcriptional units in .Arabidopsis thaliana

This will be accomplished by obtaining and sequencing a cDNA clone for every gene and constructing and using an whole genome tiling chip. The genome tiling chip will be used to profile gene expression patterns in on a global level. Also the chip will provide information on target tissues and growth conditions for cDNA cloning of elusive genes. Despite many years of EST and cDNA cloning these elusive genes constitute 30-40 % of the total number of genes and still do not have EST or cDNA evidence of expression. ArabidopsisArabidopsisArabidopsis


R.W. Davis
A. Southwick
M. Nguyen
M. Gurjal
M. Tripp
M. Miranda
G. Karlin-Newmann
C. Palm
B. Lam
R. Tamse
T. Wu
T. Jones
L. Bowser