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Bioanalyzer 2100 Service

Bioanalyzer 2100

Agilent Bioanalyzer utilizes micro-capillary based electrophoretic cells allowing for rapid and sensitive analysis of nucleic acid samples. Many biomolecules can be analyzed on the Bioanalyzer such as total RNA, small/micro RNAs, NGS libraries, and large DNA fragments. The Bioanalyzer is capable of providing precise and accurate information regarding fragment size distributions.


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Fragment Analyzer Service

Fragment Analyzer

The Fragment Analyzer system is a capillary electrophoresis instrument that can separate from 12 samples up to 96 samples in parallel. The Fragment Analyzer system performs DNA QC and RNA QC for a broad range of samples including, gDNA, small RNA, cfDNA, large DNA fragments, and total RNA. The diversity of sample types these systems can separate make these instruments ideal for individualized workflows, including NGS library QC and CRISPR workflows., double or right-click to bring up the editor.