Library Construction

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Single Cell Gene Expression

Go beyond traditional gene expression analysis to characterize cell populations, cell types, cell states, and more on a cell-by-cell basis. From assessing tumor heterogeneity and stem cell composition, to dissecting neuronal populations—the technological advancements provided by the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, along with turnkey software tools, allow the creation of high complexity libraries from single cells to maximize insight from any sample type.

We can support Hash-seq and Cite-seq worklflows! 

What is Cell Hashing?

10X Compatible Cite-Seq Antibodies


KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq

The KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kit makes use of KAPA mRNA Capture Beads prior to library preparation to enrich for mRNA over non-polyadenylated species such as ribosomal, precursor or noncoding RNAs.

We offer many other workflows such as SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq kit v2 - Pico, Trio RNA-Seq, etc.

Other workflows are available upon request!


Nextera XT

With Nextera technology, DNA is simultaneously fragmented and tagged with sequencing adapters in a single tube enzymatic reaction. Nextera XT supports ultra-low DNA input of only 1 ng. It enables a wide range of input samples, including small genomes, PCR amplicons greater than 300 bp, plasmids, microbial genomes, concatenated amplicons, and double-stranded cDNA.


NEXTFLEX Bisulfite Library Prep

The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Kit is a versatile kit designed to facilitate assessment of the methylation state of the genome and simplify workflow by using master mixed reagents and magnetic bead based cleanup to reduce pipetting and eliminate time-consuming steps in library preparation.  This kit features Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology, resulting in library preps with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. This specially designed NEXTFLEX® ligation enzymatic mix allows users to perform ligations with longer adapters and superior ligation efficiencies.