Stanford Genomics

The Stanford Genomics Service Center uses  iLab Operations Software, a part of Agilent Technologies’ CrossLab platform, for all service requests and shared instrument  scheduling.  The iLab Operations Software helps us streamline the process of ordering and billing of our core services. 

Creating an iLab Account

Internal Customers

  • New Internal Customers: Please go to our iLab page:      (if site does not automatically open, please open site in new window)
  • Follow the link for registering as a Stanford user (with SUNet ID) and follow the steps to complete the registration form.
  • Once registered, associated with your home lab and have a PTA assigned to you by your PIs finanance manager, you may begin to order services and schedule equipment use.

If you already have an iLab acocunt:

Please click on the "Login" button and select our core (Stanford Genomics) from the list of cores.

To create a Service Request:

  • Select the Request Services tab and click on the Initiate Request button to the far right of service you would like to request.
  • You will be asked to complete a service form; once completed your request will be pending review by our core (Waiting for Core to Agree).
  • We will review your request and we will add a projected cost for your service.  The form will be submitted back to you for approval, so please be on the lookout for an email from iLab regarding your service request.
  • Be sure to provide payment information (PTA) for your request before agreeing to our quote. 
  • We must receive approval and PTA from you before we can begin the service.

External Customers

  • All external customers must first contact the Stanford Genomics Service Center (SGSC) to discuss project scope and feasibility.  >> To discuss your project, please email us at:
  • New External Customers
  • External customers will need to request an ilab accout before accessing our SGSC iLab website:    (if site does not automatically open, please open site in new window)
  • To register for a new account, please click the 'sign-up' button and complete the registration form on the sign-up page.
  • You should receive a Welcome Email from iLab (typically within one to two business days) with login credentials. 
  • Once your iLab account is set up you may log in to our site and request services by select the Request Services tab and clicking on the Request Service button next to the service needed.
  • An estimate of cost will be generated and a purchase order will be needed before we can agree to your request. 
  • Please have your institutional PO be made out to Stanford Genomics and email a copy of your PO to us at: 
  • *A Purchase Order (PO) must be received by us before any actual work is started or access to our core can be granted.