Illumina MiSeq Sequencer

Access focused applications such as targeted resequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression profiling, and more. MiSeq reagents enable up to 15 Gb of output with 25 million sequencing reads and 2 × 300 bp read lengths.

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ABI 7900HT Fast RT-PCR System

The 7900HT System is a high-throughput real-time PCR system that detects and quantitates nucleic acid sequences. An Automation Accessory combined with 384-well plate capability make the 7900HT system ideally suited to meet the high-throughput requirements of today's drug discovery process. Key applications include gene expression quantitation and the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) using the fluorogenic 5' nuclease assay.

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Axon GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner

The GenePix® 4000B Microarray Scanner is a benchmark for quality, reliability and ease-of-use in microarray scanning technology. Coupled with GenePix® ProMicroarray Image Analysis Software and Acuity® Microarray Informatics Software, the GenePix System sets the highest standards in the acquisition and analysis of data from all types of arrays, including nucleic acids, proteins, tissues, and cells.

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Agilent Fragment Analyzer (12 & 96 Well)

The Fragment Analyzer systems utilize automated parallel capillary electrophoresis to provide reliable quality control (QC) for nucleic acids. With its unique design and intuitive features, common QC bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection increasing lab efficiency. A broad range of kits are available allowing you to easily qualify and quantify DNA and RNA samples. 

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Fluidigm C1

C1 lets you prepare single-cell templates for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression. Reflected in over 100 published studies, the breadth of C1 applications empowers users to survey cell diversity, identify rare cell types and characterize cellular functions, all on the same single-cell biology platform. 

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LI-COR Odyssey

The two infrared fluorescent detection channels of the Odyssey System enable simultaneous two-color target analysis – an advantage that’s not available with chemiluminescent or radioactive methods. Two-color Western analysis makes
normalization easy and eliminates error introduced by stripping and reprobing or by comparison of separate blots. 

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Nanodrop 1000 Spectrophotometer

The NanoDrop® ND-1000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate analyses of 1 ul samples with remarkable reproducibility.The full spectrum (220nm-750nm) spectrophotometer utilizes a patented sample retention technology that employs surface tension alone to hold the sample in place.

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Roche Lightcycler 480 RT-PCR System

The LightCycler® 480 System is a high-performance, medium- to high-throughput PCR platform (96- or 384-well plates) that provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and array data validation. The system features the LightCycler® 480 Instrument, a versatile, plate-based real-time PCR device that supports mono- or multicolor applications, as well as multiplex protocols.

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Biorad C1000 Touch Thermocyclers (96 & 384 Well)

The C1000 Touch thermal cycler offers superior performance and a large color touch screen for easy programming. This fully modular platform is able to accommodate different throughput needs with easily interchangeable reaction modules that swap in seconds without tools. Each PCR module has a fully adjustable heated lid that supports a wide range of vessels and sealers, including low-profile and standard-height PCR plates.

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Illumina iSeq100 Sequencer

The iSeq 100 Sequencing System makes next-generation sequencing easier and more affordable than ever. Designed for simplicity, it allows labs of all sizes to sequence DNA and RNA at the push of a button.

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ABI QuantStudio 12K Flex RT-PCR System

The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex System’s intuitive software, easy touch screen setup, automation integration, effortless block exchange, and easy-to- use OpenArray® components are designed to let you get started right away and reduce hands on time. Plan for the future and save time, money, and space in your lab with the only all-in-one qPCR instrument enabling a broad range of applications with maximum throughput.

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Biomek FX

The Biomek FX has up-to-date hardware design for greater positional accuracy and increased robustness to meet the needs of just about any application.  The Biomek FX sets the standard for flexible laboratory solutions to accommodate ever-changing demands.  It puts every aspect of liquid handling – including pipetting, dilution, dispensing and integration – into a single, automated system that is powerful and flexible.

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Andrew Personal Pipetting Robot

The liquid handling robot using Rainin pipettes from 0.1 μL to 1000 μL, it can also use long tips (beyond 70 mm length) for some special consumables.   1000R-XL can be used for many applications,such as PCR/RTqPCR sample preparation, concentration normalization on the microplate, serial dilution , LC/MS sample preparation , pooling of libraries etc.

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Fluidigm Biomark HD

With the Biomark HD system, you get reliable production-scale throughput and exquisite single-cell sensitivity, with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry choices to accommodate the most genomic applications. Now you can run entire projects from research to validation to routine screening on a single system with the flexibility you want and the consistency you need. 

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Formulatrix Mantis

The MANTIS® Liquid Handler provides a novel approach to reagent dispensing that provides researchers with an alternative to traditional air displacement pipetting.

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Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer

The Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer is a benchtop fluorometer that can be used for the quantitation of DNA, RNA, microRNA, and protein using the highly sensitive and accurate fluorescence-based Qubit® quantitation assays.

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Sage Science PippinHT

PippinHT incorporates the company’s highly regarded sizing technology and increases throughput to 24 samples per run, compared to a maximum of five with Pippin Prep or BluePippin. The instrument offers an efficient, automated solution for scientists running busy sequencing labs, core facilities, and other laboratories producing large-scale sequencing data.

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Sage Science SageElf

The SageELF is an electrophoresis system that separates DNA or protein samples by size, and then fractionates the whole sample, or section of sample, into 12 fractions. The system is equipped with pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving large DNA.

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10X Chromium Controller

The compact, sleek Chromium Controller rapidly and efficiently combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode-containing partitions in a matter of minutes. The Chromium Controller fits on a standard laboratory bench and allows a user to run any Chromium Solution, from genome to single cell analysis.

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Moxie Go II Cell Counter

The operating principle behind the Moxi GO II Flow Cytometers is a unique combination of Coulter-style cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection. Thousands of cells are measured in the 10 second read time and the data are plotted in a gradient density scatter plot as Cell size (volume) vs. Fluorescence (PMT voltage). The resulting live/dead ratios are automatically calculated (depending on the app selected). 

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Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

The Bioanalyzer 2100 system is an established automated electrophoresis tool for the sample quality control of biomolecules. The Bioanalyzer 2100 instrument, together with the 2100 Expert Software and Bioanalyzer assays, provide highly precise analytical evaluation of various samples types in many workflows, including next generation sequencing (NGS), gene expression, biopharmaceutical, and gene editing research.

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Covaris S220

The S220 Focused-ultrasonicator is a versatile, high power system engineered for pre-analytical sample processing using Covaris’ patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®). Utilizing a spherical acoustic transducer, specifically designed acoustical cuvettes and advanced electronics, AFA delivers controlled energy precisely and accurately to sample volumes from 15 μl to 18 ml.

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Agilent G2505C Microarray Scanner

The microarray scanner is a sophisticated laser-induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays printed on standard 1 in 3 in slides. The microarray scanner measures the fluorescence intensity of labeled sample nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) bound to microarrays. Its ability to measure fluorescence from two dyes simultaneously facilitates all two-color microarray studies. 

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GE Typhoon TRIO+

The Typhoon Trio instrument is a variable-mode imager that produces digital images of radioactive, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent samples.The Typhoon Trio instrument contains three internal lasers (blue, green, and red). The Typhoon Trio+ is a Typhoon Trio instrument with the additional 10-µm pixel size scanning resolution.

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TTP Labtech Mosquito HTS

Mosquito HTS makes assay miniaturisation simple, leading to significant savings on precious reagents and time. mosquito HTS offers highly accurate and precise multichannel pipetting from 25 nL to 1.2 µL.

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QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

The QX200 Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) System provides absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules for EvaGreen or probe-based digital PCR applications. 

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