Stanford Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences Pre-Seminar

Oct 01, 2019 (Tue) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
James H. Clark Center, 318 Campus Drive, Seminar Room S361 : Stanford, CA

Refreshments to be served at 3:45 PM; seminar begins at 4:00 PM. Dr. Sarah Heilshorn will deliver an introductory pre-seminar in advance of Dr. Tatiana Segura's seminar, "Injection of Hyaluronic Acid Particle Hydrogels after Ischemic Stroke Dictates Phenotypic Changes in Astrocytes", to be held Thursday, October 3rd.

Department:  BioX

Contact: Cici Huber | 6507257472 |


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