Continuing Medical Education

Etta K. Moskowitz Lectureship-Transparency, Bias and Usefulness in Biomedical Research

Nov 14, 2019 (Thu) | 5:30 PM -6:30 PM
318 Campus Drive/Clark Auditorium : Stanford, CA

Despite having brilliant people working in biomedical research and despite a major investment of resources, a substantial segment of published research yields results that are not reproducible. Moreover, among the results that are credible a large share cannot be translated meaningfully and thus end up being not useful. Many biases have been identified and the scientific process is a continuous effort to prevent and correct biases in the scientific record. The lecture will assess the scope of this evidence and will focus on solutions that have been proposed to make research more reproducible and with greater translational impact and usefulness. Many of these solutions center around optimizing transparency. Different solutions will be discussed with emphasis on biomedical investigation.

Department:  Radiology

Contact: Tricia Hatcliff | 6504987359 |


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