Your Partners for Digital Clinical Innovation

SEAL develops and de-risks clinician-facing solutions to advance digital health strategic imperatives that drive enterprise value for Stanford Health Care.

Digital technology is reshaping how healthcare is delivered. As provider organizations seek to become more digitally driven, two challenges and opportunities arise for SEAL:

How can emerging technologies be chosen to address the strategic goals of Stanford Health Care and the needs of frontline clinicians?

SEAL focuses on a problem-driven approach with rapid cycles of testing and iteration.

We work together with Stanford clinicians to identify key workflow pain points and co-develop and test lightweight digital apps that aim to both:

1) Solve for frontline challenges in care delivery

2) Build a foundation for digital transformation at Stanford Health Care

How can innovation be “insourced” and driven by Stanford’s own clinicians to identify and/or create these technologies?

SEAL's cross-functional competencies and partnerships enable clinicians to innovate.

We seek to turn ideas into products that will be used by Stanford clinicians for patient care and create lasting value for the organization.  

We leverage our core competencies in clinical informatics and software design, and our partnerships with the Technology and Digital Solutions (TDS) and Digital Healthcare Integration (DHCI) teams at Stanford Health Care to collaboratively design and build solutions with Stanford clinicians.

Build an app with SEAL

Have an idea for an app that can improve clinical workflows at SHC? SEAL can work with you to build, test, and implement your app at Stanford Health Care.

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SEAL apps aim to solve for pain points clinicians face when caring for patients and provide a foundation for further innovation. 

Have an idea for how we can improve your clinical workflow pain point at SHC?