SCVI Biobank

1050 Arastradero Road, Building A

Palo Alto, CA 94304

The SCVI Biobank occupies ~2,000 sq. ft. of dedicated, fully-furnished laboratory space on campus that is separate from the PI's main research space and is protected by centralized access control. A safeguard site on the opposite side of Stanford campus also exists to store a backup copy of all vials in cryopreservation. The main SCVI Biorepository space comprises a dedicated ESC/iPSC culture room, 4┬░C cold room, a cryostorage equipment room housing freezers and liquid nitrogen storage vessels, autoclave facilities, office spaces, and a fully equipped functional analysis workspace All equipment is at hand to generate iPSCs from PBMC samples as well as to differentiate them into beating cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CMs), endothelial cells (iPSC-ECs), and cardiac fibroblasts (iPSC-CFs).

For more information, please contact:

Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD

Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

Xiaolan Zhang, PhD

Life Science Research Professional

Yan Zhuge, PhD

Manager, SCVI Biobank

Julio Vicente Guevara

Clinical Study Coordinator, SCVI Biobank