Lab Members

Scott Boyd, MD PhD

Principal Investigator

Ji-Yeun Lee, BS (Chemistry)

Lab manager, Enforcer

Ramona Hoh, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Research Interests:

Allergy, B cell development, immune regulation

Shilpa Joshi, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Research Interests:

Anti-viral and -bacterial antibody responses, antibody display, antibody biochemistry

Tho Pham, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Research interests:

Anti-glycan antibodies, host-microbiome interactions, autoimmunity and inflammation, diabetes

Katharina Roeltgen, PhD


Research Interests:

Immunity to influenza

Viral pathogens, Buruli Ulcer

Fan (Sunny) Yang, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests:


Antigen receptor sequence analysis

Oliver Wirz

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests:

B cell biology

Viral infections

Maxim Zaslavsky

Ph.D. candidate, Computer Science

Co-advisor: Anshul Kundaje, Computer Science

Research Interests:

Machine Learning, Immunology, Genetics

Grace Jean

Ph.D. candidate, Developmental Biology

Research Interests:

Immunology, Genetics

Emily Haraguchi, BS (Biology)

Research Associate

Khoa Nguyen, BS (Biology)

Research Associate

Research Interests:

Anti-glycan antibodies, B cell development

Massa Shoura, Ph.D. (Joint with Andrew Fire)

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests:

Experimental and computational genomics

Former Lab Members +/- Ongoing Collaborators

Sandra Nielsen, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now Senior Research Scientist at Invitae

Research Interests:

B cell development, anti-helminth immunity, host-environment interactions

Hannah Frank, PhD (with bat)

Postdoctoral fellow; now Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Research Interests:

Immunity, ecology and evolution, viromes, immunology of non-model organisms

Krishna Roskin, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now an Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center & University of Cincinnati

Katherine Jackson, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now Senior Research Officer at the Garvan Institute, Sydney, Australia

Jake Glanville, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2017

Jasmine King, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2017; now researcher at LakePharma, Inc.

Yi Liu, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2014; now at Calico

Chen Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now a Statistical Programmer at Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Vaishali Dixit, BA (French Literature)

Database administrator

Cathy Collins, MD PhD

Research fellow; now an Assistant Professor in Allergy and Immunology at Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego

James Sekigahama, BA

Research Associate


Parastu (Para) Nejad, BS (Biology)

Research Associate; now Associate Scientist at TrueBinding


Hannah Tsunemoto, BS (Biology)

Summer student; now a PhD candidate at UC San Diego

Priya Dixit

Summer Student. Entering Pomona College in Fall 2019


Sonal Patel

Summer student; UC Davis B.S. in Business/Managerial Economics; now starting as Analyst at Accenture

Swetha Shutthanandan

Summer student; now an undergraduate at Stanford University

Katie Seo, MS (Animal Sciences), MS (Software Engineering)

Lab manager