SCi3 Access Request Procedures

Access to Clark Center SCi3 is by Card Key and usually takes at least 1 week to be granted.

*Per Clark Center policy, undergraduates will be considered for access to the imaging center after completing the below items and only while chaperoned during studies by a second lab member with SCi3 access. No keycard access will be given to undergraduates.

I. Complete the SCi3 Code of Conduct Agreement.

II. Submit Access Request for SCi3 and Clark approvals:

  1. Complete and sign *N.B. Dr. Habte will print and sign your forms in Step III below* Clark access form
    1. Due to work in SCi3, answer "yes" to  #1, 9, 10, 11, 15 and 16
    2. Include all required fields on page 5 except Dr. Habte's signature
    3. Dr. Habte will print and sign your forms in Step III below
  2. Complete STARS training for ALL questions that you marked "yes" on pages 3 and 4 of the Clark access form.
    1. EHS-4200 General Safety and Emergency Preparedness
    2. EHS-1500 Biosafety
    3. EHS-1900 Chemical Safety for Laboratories
    4. EHS- 2200 Compressed Gas Safety
    5. EHS-5275 Working Safely Near Radioactive Materials
    6. EHS-PROG-1755 Radiation Safety Questionnaire for Users of Cabinet X-ray or Irradiators
    7. VSC-PROG-0001 Laboratory Animal Care & Use
  3. Prepare pdf of STARS "Training History" page with the courses above indicated (e.g. circled or highlighted)
    1. STARS / All Learning / Training History / View All
  4. Complete and sign “Working in the SAIF: Acknowledgement of Radioactive Isotope Use" form
  5. Prepare photos of each side of your SoM badge for Card Key access (numbers on back must be legible)
    1. visiting scholars and faculty, please also prepare:
      1. copy of signed SU18(a)
      2. copy of departmental invitational letter showing length of visit and signed by the department chair.
  6. Once you have prepared all documents...

III. After you have submitted your access application:

  1. SCi3 will review and send to Clark Center for final approval.
  2. Schedule an SCi3  imaging center orientation with SCi3 Director Frezghi Habte, PhD
  3. Subscribe to the SCi3 users email list.

IV. Clark Center will notify you when access is approved and granted.

V. After your Card Key is activated:

  1. Record the expiration date of your SCi3 access (Recommendation: set a calendar reminder to renew your access.) 
  2. SCi3 members may subscribe to our SCi3_talks email list to receive calendar invites to molecular and small animal imaging talks at Stanford