Site-Based Research

Site-Based Research refers to clinical research where Stanford is identified as the primary site. Meaning the research is being conducted by Stanford investigators and staff, and it takes place on the Stanford campus, at Stanford Health Care, or in the local community. This can include studies in which participants are not required to visit Stanford in person, such as survey studies. Regardless, participants will still have contact with a Stanford research investigator or staff member.

The Site-Based Research branch of SCCR supports research studies and staff throughout the Department of Medicine, and partners on research studies throughout the School of Medicine. We focus on infrastructure development and developing robust research programs.

To discuss how your group could benefit from SBR initiatives, contact the SCCR team. A staff member will respond as soon as possible.

Key Initiatives

Research Manager Model

OnCore -Clinical Trials Management System

Project Baseline

Resources for Coordinators

Coordinators throughout the Department of Medicine are supported through our Education and Training programs, including networking opportunities, and Quality Initiatives.


Student Athlete Research Oversight Committee