Quality and Compliance

SCCR boasts underlying strong foundational commitment to quality, demonstrated both at the leadership and the organizational levels.  Implementing a Quality by Design strategy, we place heavy emphasis on upstream, proactive processes and continuous evaluation and improvement.

At SCCR, we define quality as not only freedom from errors that matter, but as meeting and exceeding expectations in all critical aspects of a clinical research project, including:

  • Ensuring participant safety and well-being
  • Streamlined and efficient operations based on our portfolio of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Safeguarding compliance with regulatory requirements and international guidelines



Our Quality Management System


Based on the most current Good Clinical Practice expectations, our quality system is centered on four strategic priorities: risk management, QC/QA, evidence-based operations, and quality improvement.

These strategic priorities are implemented in a tailored, project-specific risk-based approach, with risks initially identified through structured and documented processes during project intake and start-up, and continually modified as necessary.