Research Capabilities

Site-Based Research

We can provide single capabilities, or work with you to run your entire clinical research project through SCCR.

Key capabilities include:


Coordinating Center

We facilitate the successful execution of single or multi-site studies with operational efficiency.

Key capabilities include:

  • Project management
  • Clinical Event Adjudication
  • DSMB Capabilities

Education & Training

SCCR develops and delivers effective, tailored education and training for all members of the clinical research team.

Key capabilities include:

  • On-site training
  • Online educational modules
  • Mentorship

Quality & Compliance

SCCR implements a Quality by Design strategy at leadership and organizational levels. We place heavy emphasis on upstream, proactive processes and continuous evaluation and improvement.


Program Management Office (PMO)

The Program Management Office (PMO) provide the necessary research oversight of the foundations to ensure researchers are compliant with all appropriate policies and procedures and provide guidance for investigators to navigate the various institutional resources.  

Key capabilities of the PMO include:

  • Facilitating a streamlined partnership within the foundations
  • Enhancing research operations
  • Elevating the research enterprise

What We Do & Our Approach

We conduct site-based research in partnership with Stanford University faculty, and oversee multisite and virtual clinical research projects through the coordinating center. We have developed a quality by design and risk management approach, a comprehensive education and training program, and a commitment to excellence. We collaborate with faculty broadly regarding therapeutic and methodologic domains.