Summer 2019 Issue

Kenneth W. Mahaffey, MD

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR) newsletter.

Since SCCR was founded more than four years ago, we have grown into a group of over 70 research staff, partnered with more than 50 faculty on campus, and conducted or currently run in excess of 125 research projects.

Each issue will highlight our many collaborations and work with other universities, government agencies, philanthropic partners, and industry – including tech, digital health, biopharma, and biotech companies.

You will also read about SCCR’s media coverage, education and training events, initiatives, publications, conferences, staff, and faculty partners.

I am incredibly proud of the great science that is being done in SCCR, as well as the commitment of our staff to innovation, quality, and collaboration. I am thankful to the many faculty, house staff and researchers, and to our industry and government partners, with whom we have been able to work.

For more information, or to partner with us, please send a message to

Thanks for reading.

Kenneth W. Mahaffey, MD

SCCR Director

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