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Working at SCCR

"Working at SCCR has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills, and abilities in people management while positively influencing the next generation of clinical research professionals."

- Lori D. Panu

"Having been at Stanford for ten years, SCCR is innovative and trail-blazing clinical research into new grounds.  SCCR provides me an opportunity to be exposed to new and fresh perspectives.  Moreover, their emphasis on staff training is one of the best at Stanford I’ve encountered."

- Winnie Chau

"SCCR continues to value and prioritize teamwork, support, and work-life balance, creating an ideal working culture that fosters strong relationships and collaborative innovation." 

 -  Jake Timothy Plewa

"Working at the SCCR as a postdoctoral scholar has been transformative. The department, mentors, and co-workers I have here provided me with the tools and support to take my career to the next level. I feel not only empowered, but happy, working among friends – people who genuinely care for you. I will always be grateful for the chance to work and grow in the SCCR family!"

 - Julio Nunes

At SCCR, we strive to find team members who are passionate about their work, are creative thinkers, and want to deliver results. We prioritize equipping our team members with the knowledge and skills to perform their job efficiently and help them grow within the organization. SCCR encourages our team members to have a healthy balance between work and life commitments and will provide them with all the support needed to achieve this balance.