Our Team

Executive Leadership

Kenneth W. Mahaffey, MD


Toni Nunes, MA, MPH

Director, Operations & Strategy

Rhonda Larsen, PA

Senior Advisor

Nadia Elkarra, MD

Director, Clinical Research Operations

Sumana Shashidhar, MA, MS

Associate Director, Clinical Research Operations

Jasmine LaCoursiere

Associate Director Clinical Research Operations


Angela Fuller

Clinical Research Manager

Angela is a Clinical Research Manager in the GI and Hepatology Division at Stanford with over 12 years of clinical research experience on Phase I, II and III industry-sponsored drug trials, device trials, and investigator-initiated studies. She has clinical research experience in many different therapeutic areas, including hepatology, neurology, neurosurgery, tobacco cessation and substance abuse, and pediatric orthopedics, spinal cord injury, and burn. Angela received her BS from Santa Clara University and her MA in medical anthropology from San Jose State University. When she’s not working, Angela enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, cooking, beach time, and reading a good book.

Enrique Menendez

Associate DFA

Chaitasi Majmudar

Clinical Research Manager

Chaitasi joined SCCR in Oct, 2020 as the Clinical Research Manager for Hospital Medicine and is currently managing the NIH Adaptive ACTT trials. With a background in engineering and psychology, she finds clinical research to be the ideal career allowing her to effectively utilize her analytical as well as soft skills. She has extensive clinical research experience across various therapeutic areas including oncology and psychiatry. Outside of work, she likes to spend time outdoors hiking and exploring the beautiful bay area.

Jamison Langguth

Senior Manager Health Strategy Innovation

Jamison has spent the last decade of his career translating novel scientific innovations into their first practical application. His clinical trials experience spans working with children that have craniofacial abnormalities, space and sleep medicine, addictions to marijuana and tobacco, oncology (Phase I & Neuro), and COVID-19. He also has experience commercializing faculty innovations, specifically by creating and launching therapeutic, medical devices, and digital health companies (SaaS & SaMD). Jamison earned a BS in Psychology focusing on human factors from Drexel University, his first master's from the University of Pennsylvania in Education Policy, and his second master's from Harvard University in Health Management. He most recently completed his fellowship in Life Science Entrepreneurship at Yale University, where he was integral in launching several spinouts that have gone on to raise over $25M. 

Divya Pathak

Clinical Research Manager

Growing up, I was always intrigued by the Science of Medicine. This drove me to volunteer at the National Pulse Polio Vaccine campaign throughout high school, which gave me a deep appreciation for the value and fragility of life. After pursuing a degree in Medicine, I have been privileged to work in various therapeutic areas over the course of my career. Over the past decade, I’ve worked in Clinical Research for Oncology, Gastroenterology, and now Virology.  Outside of work, I’m a dedicated mom and love to capture the beauty of nature through the lens of my camera while exploring the world through my travels.

Jonathan Nguyen

Clinical Research Manager

I received my BA from Baylor University and my MS from The University of Houston. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, exploring the outdoors, and cooking exquisite meals.

Karma Lhamo MSc, CCRP, PMP

Senior Project Manager

Karma has a master’s degree in Clinical Research and has experience managing clinical trial operations in both industry and academic settings. She loves spending time with family, and in her spare time, she likes reading fiction and cooking Tibetan food.

Kiera Davis

Associate Director, Education & Training / Program Lead, UHA & VC PMO

Kiera Davis joined the Stanford Center for Clinical Research is 2015 and has a decade of experience working in clinical research. She earned her BS in nursing from Duke University in 2010 after obtaining a BA in history from Boston University. Prior to joining Stanford, Kiera worked as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse traveling across the country. Kiera will complete her MS in Clinical Research from Campbell University in 2022. She is passionate about providing education and training to clinical research professionals and enjoys spending time with her family and dog, Raleigh.

Kris Anderberg

Sr. Quality & Compliance Manager

Kris has worked extensively with both sponsors and AROs as a Project Manager, Director of Clinical Operations, Auditor, and Study Coordinator over the past 30 years. Her knowledge extends to clinical trial management for global studies, GCP, compliance audits, regulatory agency inspections, clinical events classification, quality management of clinical trials, policy and procedure development.

Kris holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Emory University. Her current focus is on quality, compliance, and clinical events classification.

Liisa Dewhurst

Research Nurse Manager

Liisa has 25+ years of nursing experience and 14+ years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, previously in Pediatric Urology. She moved to California in 2017, from Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three amazing daughters.

Liisa joined SCCR in 2018, working on the Baseline Project. When the COVID-19 Pandemic occurred, she volunteered to become the Clinical Research Nurse Manager for the Treat COVID Team, aiding in the rapid up-start of multiple COVID treatment research trials.

She enjoys spending time with my family and friends, especially with her 3 girls, who continue to teach her the importance of laughter and humility.

Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams.

Lori Panu

Clinical Research Manager

I received my BS from the University of Georgia and MPH from Louisiana State University; I love being an aunt, coaching weightlifting, and teaching chair yoga.

Nicole Ventre, MS

Associate Director, Administration and Operations

I received my BA from University of Pittsburgh and MS from University of Amsterdam. I love spending time with friends and my dog.

Shea Smith

Clinical Research Project Manager

I earned a BA from San Diego State University, with a double major in psychology and biology.  I manage medical device and drug trials across various therapeutic areas and age groups.

Sue Swope, RN, MS

Clinical Research Nurse Manager

Before joining SCCR, I worked for 13 years in research organizations across academic, hospital and pharmaceutical industries both in the USA and India. I enjoy traveling and exploring nature and different cultures. I love spending time with family and friends, especially with my little daughter who aspires to join Stanford’s women's soccer team.


Tine Bjornlund, MBA, CCRC

Clinical Research Manager

I live with my family in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Each day I wake up in the quiet of the hills, drive through redwoods to my work at Stanford. My work as Clinical Research Manager in GI/Hepatology is exciting, fulfilling and always meaningful. My cup runneth over.

Winnie Chau

Research Finance Manager

Before joining SCCR, I worked as a Finance Manager at the Department of Radiology, managing Project Baseline award and other division research finances, and as a Research Administrator 3 the Stanford Cancer Institute, developing and negotiating oncology clinical trial budgets.  I spent time in various research administration positions at UCSF before moving to Stanford in 2012, and has ~20 years of relevant pre- and post- ward experience at Stanford and UCSF.


  • Adriana Moreno - Administrative Assistant II
  • Agatha Okobi - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Alexis Touros - Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Allyson Tayag - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Alma Franco-Flores - Research Administrator I
  • Amanda Brunetti - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Andrew O'Donnell - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Anudeep Atwal -  Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Athanasia "Sia" Boumis - Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Aubrey Adiao  -  Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Bhanu Sharma - Clinical Trials Regulatory Specialist II
  • Brandon Lam  - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Brianna Cavalla - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Brittany Marsh - Clinical Research Coordinator II 
  • Chrisele Trinidad - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Christina Milcarek - Administrative Associate III
  • Crystal Funes - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Cindy Ochoa - Administrative Associate I
  • Diana Rodd - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Diana Souki - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Donna Williams - Senior Research Nurse II
  • Doran Triggs - Clinical Research Coordinator II, Quality & Compliance
  • Ekaterina Guvva -  Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Eli Rice -  Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Fides Mabunay - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Isabelle Hack - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Jake Plewa - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Janet Cunningham - Clinical Trials Regulatory Specialist I 
  • JaVahn Iverson - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Jinelle Fields - Clinical Research Nurse
  • Joaquin Tabera - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate 
  • Joel Nicholus - Clinical Research Manager
  • Jorge Dorantes - Clinical Research Coordinator II 
  • Julia Donahue - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Kim Clinton - Research Nurse I 
  • Lisa Maredia - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate II 
  • Luisa Mabunay Elepano - Research Nurse
  • Madison McCarthy - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator     
  • Marcela Rodriguez - Project Manager
  • Martina Madrigal - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Neha Aisasani - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Nicole Odewald - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Nicole Nielsen - Clinical Trials Regulatory Specialist 
  • Paul Newswanger - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Rahul Krishnan - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Rajvir Kaur - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Rinoka Sato - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Rithu Varkey - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Rojin Ghobadi - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Ruth Talamoa - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Sohrab Sami - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Susan Saba - Program Manager
  • Swati Toppo - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Tania Chen - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Tanvi Chitre - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Thoa Truong - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Viet Nguyen - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Vyvian Ngo - Clinical Research Coordinator II
  • Yasmin Jazayeri - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate